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What's On My Winter Bucket List?

It’s taken me a while to warm up to Wyoming winters. I spent much of my mid to late twenties chasing summer in order to avoid the cold and snow. But I’ve come to accept that long, cold winters are just part of living in Lander, WY. And this year I’ve decided not to let the elements deter me from adventure.

While other winter bucket lists include lovely indoor activities such as making chili and cookies and hot chocolate, mine is shorter and specifically dedicated to winter sports and adventures. Because let’s face it, I don’t need a bucket list to motivate me to eat chili and watch Netflix.

7 Wyoming Winter Bucket List Adventures

1. Sled in Sinks Canyon

There’s a hill near the Warming Hut in the state park where I’ve seen many folks go sledding. It’s close enough to town to pop over for an hour or two of fun on a weekend afternoon.

2. Ice Skate in City Park

Lander converts one of its baseball fields into a skating rink in the winter. This year it’s free admission, but there are no rentals. The rink will close on February 1st, so I need to act fast!

3. Snowshoe Everywhere

I’m excited to explore some of the surrounding landscapes while they’re under a blanket of snow. It can give a fresh sense of wonder to a place that I’d overlook during the summer.

4. Ski at White Pine Ski Resort

I’ve skied a total of three times in my life, and it’s a skill I’d like to improve. My goal isn’t to be good per se, but to be competent enough to have fun and enjoy a day on the slopes.

5. Soak in a Hot Spring

Ironically, I usually don’t like to soak in hot water, and I definitely don’t like being wet outside in the cold. Yet there’s something appealing about combining the experiences.

6. Go Winter Camping

I haven’t decided if I want to tent camp or sleep in my minivan. But either way, the key will be to go out on a mild night that isn’t snowy and windy and miserable.

7. Have a Bonfire

Huddling around a fire with close friends on a frosty evening. If that’s not a winter activity to aspire to, I don’t know what is!

Did I miss anything? What’s on your winter adventure bucket list?


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